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wing anchor. [entries|friends|calendar]
grass rabbit.

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when i was a person [23 Dec 2017|05:03pm]
the moonslice showed up slung
and swinging. a song
shadowed itself. meantime,
silence went on mating, moan delicious
in the drag of dripping rise.
to lie is often a final freedom.
do not be ashamed.
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[17 Jun 2016|05:11pm]
Morgellons (/mɔː(ɹ)ˈdʒɛlənz/), also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome, is the informal name of a self-diagnosed skin condition that is actually a form of delusional disorder in which individuals believe they are infested with inanimate material like sand, hairs, thread, or fibers, while in reality no such infestation is present.[1]
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"stay, don't go. you've taught me so much." [10 Apr 2016|07:03pm]
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[17 Jan 2016|12:25pm]
Treasure Hunters / Кладоискатели 3 weeks ago
In my childhood i liked to find treasures in the square near house so much! And now it is my favorite hobby too.) But not in the square near house only.)
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"let's explore your favorite strangers" [18 Aug 2015|12:04am]
As a songwriter he is noted for wordplay and frequent use of metaphors, philosophical lyrics, themes of oppressive rural lifestyles, and certain phrases and sayings commonly used in the early to mid-20th century and in blue collar environments.[1][2]
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[22 Feb 2015|11:12am]
"I cry at everything. I cried at the pet store looking at fish and kitties. I want to hug strangers and invite them home for dinner but my house is filthy and I don't want anyone to know where I live."
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cavale's religion. [22 Feb 2015|10:08am]
[ mood | pastlife. ]

"Any great motherfuckin rock'n'roll song can raise me higher than all of Revelation."

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you have one new message. [31 Aug 2014|03:29pm]
"Hey this is Dawson calling from soon and I will shop I still want to ask you a question to the couple justin's came into our store yesterday.

Was talking about your masks reach me I believe RE RE 20 plus and saying that the book would not require now requiring notebook I finally know that we didn't get the book and everything we we're gonna get laid and we're just wondering if we should put them on the shelf or stemming back to the company -- if you can give me a call back or email me at DISONENTHAL day to you.

Die would be great and the sooner I hear from you the better and I hope you having to get the message so far alright bye bye."
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homes. [28 Aug 2014|07:16am]

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head count. [30 Jun 2014|03:23am]
hard with plastic angry smash the lines hit harder than the hardagaisnt the corner stares itself an animal. longs so sick the sink is a field. a whole forest maybe. wishing. waits a bridge under into nothing but waiting. remains.
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meggy's words. [25 Jun 2014|06:05pm]
But please remember
your strength
& how
those around you
are so fragile
It's okay
I forget, too
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[11 Apr 2014|01:18am]
special presentation: home 2
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when i make poetry now [18 Aug 2013|03:19pm]
it comes out like this:

i just want
i can't even
i just

so mostly i don't.
make poetry,
that is.

i'll come back to
it; it'll be waiting.
when i figure out what it is
i want.
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[02 Jul 2013|09:22pm]
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[12 Mar 2013|12:28pm]
"why can't you go to sleep like a decent animal"
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[17 Jan 2013|03:57am]
it is our rabbit!
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[18 Nov 2012|03:03am]
Rail companies will charge the families of those who commit suicide a fee depending on the severity of disrupted traffic.[17]
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james wright [13 Nov 2012|07:11pm]
"The problem with love poetry is that it must be felt and written by humans, who never feel one feeling at a time. I mean, love has fear in it. And guilt and misery and a special kind of hallucinating loneliness."
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[22 Aug 2012|11:22pm]
"At the beginning, there is a scene with a dog pound. In New Guinea, there is manhunting. Back at the US, bikini-clad girls woo sailors. On the island of Tiberia, Italy, men in red robes guard the bones of their ancestors. On the Reeperbahn Strasse of Hamburg, Germans drink excessively and act incredibly stupid. Tokyo has a massage parlor for men who are drunk. In Macao, the dead are covered in make-up for the funeral. In Singapore, Singapore, there is a hotel for the dying. Cars are smashed at a junkyard of Los Angeles and reduced to cubes. In Garoka, New Guinea, there are indigenous tribes who go to church."
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[29 Jul 2012|02:30am]
"Maybe vegetables will diffuse the chemicals I produce inside me, an easy excuse, these chemicals. I rarely use my instrument. It used to be so exciting."
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